All students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade are expected to train and run the race unless there is a physical condition preventing participation. A doctor's note is required. If a student is well enough to be in school, he/she will be considered well enough to take part in training. Participation in a sporting event after school will not excuse any student from training. Students are expected to have proper attire for training, remain on the proper route and follow all directions given by the teacher, staff member, parent or adult trainer!

2018-19 Training Schedule for 6th, 7th + 8th is incomplete at this time. The times may be 8:05-8:50, 9:40-10:25 + 10:27-11:12.

Everyone is welcome to come and HELP train the students. You may walk, jog, ride a bike or drive your car. You must have taken the "Protecting the Youth Workshop" and be fingerprinted. Just show up, you do not need to call! We leave the gym, about 6 minutes after class starts. We exit the gym and start on Primrose. HOPE to see you!