5-2 NEWS


1st quarter: Technology

2nd quarter: Music

3rd quarter: Art

4th quarter: Gym

LINK to Mrs. Bollinger's  Virtual Classroom tour:


LINK to Exact Path: Once you are there, use the login information you have taped to the back of your assignment calendar book in your binder https://login.edmentum.com/



1st Quarter AR Goal Due:  October 15

1st Quarter Service Due:  October 14


*We go to Mass every Wednesday, unless it is a week that we have an all school liturgy.

*The students visit the library every Friday.

*We encourage the students to bring a healthy snack and a water bottle everyday.

*It's important to review each night, what we went over in class that day. It helps to study a little at a time instead of trying to cram for a test the night before. We usually announce tests 4-5 days prior. Short quizzes are generally not announced.

*Homework is generally due the day after it is given, unless otherwise stated. If a student finishes their homework during AA (Academic Assist), I allow them to turn it in. Some kids need to get it out of their hands before they lose it, while others like to review with their parents at night. This is entirely up to you as a family to decide!

*Students have the opportunity everyday to get one- on- one help during AA. I encourage them to do the most difficult work then so I can help. However, if homework is taken home and they are unable to complete even with parents help, it is the students responsibility to come to me first thing in the morning to discuss what they didn't understand. In this case, the work would not be considered late. If homework is turned in incomplete, it is considered late. If it is turned in the next day, the student will be given 1/2 credit for correct answers.