6th Grade Science:

Dear students and parents,

Welcome to Middle School Science. I hope everyone enjoyed an eventful summer. As your child's sixth grade science teacher, I am looking forward to an exciting, memorable, and productive school year. In this letter, I would like to introduce myself and explain what we will be doing in science this year. My name is Mrs. Charris Miracle and this is my seventeenth year teaching science. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in March 2003 and my master’s degree in education, from The Ohio State University, in August 2004. My degree covers grades four through nine in science and math. I am looking forward to an awesome year with all of the wonderful St. Charles students and their parents.

This year, I will be teaching sixth, seventh and eighth grade science.

I am located in homeroom 8-1 and I invite you to stop by, whether it is to meet me, talk about your child's progress, volunteer, or just out of curiosity. I have been working diligently throughout the summer to assure that we all have a very rewarding and successful year. I look forward to meeting you.


Mrs. Charris Miracle

Classroom Rules

*Nobody shall make fun of another person for what he/she does or says.

1. Respect yourself, classmates, school administration, and school property.

2. Enter and Exit the classroom quietly and in order.

3. Take your seat and begin the assignment immediately.

4. Come to class prepared and with all materials.

5. Follow directions the first time they are given.

The student handbook will be followed for all rules and consequences.

Homework Policy

Homework will be assigned as needed. Homework assignments will be posted in the classroom on a weekly basis. Students will write the week's assignments in their assignment calendars each Monday or first day of the school week.

Homework will cover work students were unable to finish in class, along with projects, book work, and studying for quizzes and tests.

Homework is checked. Therefore, it is to be complete, neatly done, and submitted on time. If missing homework is turned in by the next school day, half credit will be given. Missing assignments will result in a zero. Copying another student's assignment is considered cheating and will result in a zero and a detention for all students involved.

Students are responsible for collecting and making up homework missed due to an absence. Handbook policy will be followed. Make up work is to be done promptly. The assignment calendar is an excellent way for parents/guardians and myself to communicate, along with phone calls, e-mails, and so forth.

If you need to contact me, please e-mail me at miraclec@sccslima.org and I will get back with you as soon as possible. If you would prefer to leave a message with the office I will return your call. The office number is 419-222-2536 Ext: 1081

Course of Study

The following texts will be used.

* Prentice Hall Science Explorer

The Course of Study will be as follows:

Science, Technology, & Engineering

Earth’s Resources


Earth’s Organisms

Energy & Motion


The following materials will be needed:

* Items on the junior high supply list:

70 page spiral notebook, pencils/pen, folder (in trapper)

* Other supplies may be needed for labs throughout the year

(Plastic pop bottle, lab materials, etc.)


The school grading scale will be followed.

Quarterly grades will be based on summative assessments.

Tests 40%

Quizzes 30%

Labs 15%

Projects 10%

Homework 5%

If you must be absent it is very important that you stay updated on the assignments and topics we are covering in class. For this reason, you should take your science book home with you each night. If an assignment is due on the day you are absent, that assignment will be due the next day you are at school. For missing work on the days you are absent you should check google classroom and your assignment calendar. If you are absent one day, then you will have one day to make up the work, two days then two days to make it up and so on. For multiple days missed please see me so we can come to an agreement on how many days you have to complete the assignment.