January 27 - 31

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Catholic Schools Week!

Kewpee Coupons Fundraiser: Jan. 6 - 28 

Jeans Day:  Monday, Jan. 27th. 

Pajama Day:  Tuesday, Jan. 28th. 

Spirit Day:  Wednesday, Jan. 29th.  

Mismatch Day:  Thursday, Jan. 30th.

All Catholic Schools Mass:  Friday, Jan. 31st at St. Gerard.  9:30. 

This Week in Social Studies

MondayThe class will identify the demands of the 1st Continental Congress & compare it with the 2nd Continental Congress.

TuesdayNo class due to the movie & popcorn in the afternoon to celebrate student appreciation day. 

WednesdayStudents will identify the early battles of the war & how it impacted the colonists. 

ThursdayStudents will examine the battle that forced the British out of the city of Boston early in the war.

FridayStudents will participate in a current events activity to heighten their awareness of national and global issues/news.