December 2 - 6

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Advent Prayer Service: Monday, Dec. 2nd at 8:05.

Middle School Mass:  Thursdays @ 8:00.

Yearbook Picture Day:  Friday, Dec. 6th.

QUIZ:  Wednesday, Dec. 11th over Ch. 3 Section  (Colonial taxes, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party & the Intolerable Acts). 

SS Midterm Exam: Tuesday, Dec. 17th. 

This Week in Social Studies

MondayStudents will write letters to Santa through Macy's Make-A-Wish campaign. 

TuesdayStudents will examine the growing anger among the colonists towards the English crown in the years following the French & Indian War.

WednesdayThe class will continue to identify & explain how specific taxes sparked protest among the English colonies.

ThursdayStudents will identify & explain the significance of Samuel Adams, Crispus Attucks & Patrick Henry during the days of colonial protest

FridayStudents will participate in a current events activity to heighten their awareness of national and global issues/news.