I.) Introduction


At St.Charles Catholic School our objective is to provide competitive and challenging programs which provide all student-athletes the opportunity to develop their skills in a positive and Christian environment. We believe extra-curricular activities should be used to help our students develop in mind and body, but more importantly in their relationships with God.


Athletics at St. Charles is self-funded. Gate receipts, concessions and donations comprise a portion of the funding. In addition, St. Charles’ student athletes are asked to pay a fee to participate. Finally, the Redwing Athletic Boosters was created to help offset the cost of our athletic programs. The funds generated by the above are spent at the discretion of the athletic director with the approval of the principal. Academic activities are funded through the Educational Outreach Fund.

II.) Personnel

Athletic Director

The athletic director of St. Charles Catholic School oversees the athletic programs of the parish. Duties include: scheduling of games, tracking eligibility, facility management, aid in the selection process for coaches, equipment inventory, help in coordinating funding for programs and all other duties deemed necessary by the administration.

Assistant Athletic Director

The assistant athletic director works with the AD to assist with all aspects of athletic programming at. St. Charles. He/she is under the direct supervision of the AD.

Volunteer coaches are recruited by the AD to help in CYO and St. Charles programs.

Assistant Coaches are chosen by the head coach with the approval of the AD. They may not be chosen until after the team selection process is complete.

Advisors for other extra-curricular positions will be selected by the principal.

Selection Process

Junior high head coaches will be selected by the AD with the approval of the principal.


All head coaches, regardless of grade level, must be:

  • A high school graduate
  • Fingerprinted by the Ohio Bureau of Investigation
  • Complete the “Protecting Youth and Those Who serve Them” workshop
  • Sign the Coaches’ Code of Ethics


Coaches and advisors are expected to:

Be a role model to the youth on their team

Conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.

Schedule regular practices for the team

Attend games and practices in a timely manner, or make provisions for an assistant to meet student-athletes. Students should not be left unattended.

Communicate expectations to students and parents.

Advisors and coaches are responsible for the conduct of their assistants, students, parents and fans.

Junior high teams hosted by Lima Central Catholic

Cross Country, girl’s volleyball, football, boy’s and girl’s basketball, wrestling, baseball, softball and track teams are organized and administered by Lima Central Catholic. The teams and coaches will fall under their rules and guidelines.

Supplemental teams for students who do not make the LCC team will be organized at St. Charles. The St.Charles AD is responsible for their administration and scheduling.

III.) Supervision of Children

Protecting Youth Workshop

All supervisors must attend the “Protecting Youth and Those Who Serve Them” workshop sponsored by the diocese. Dates and times are posted on the CYSS website www.cyss.org

In addition, all volunteers are asked to sign an agreement to abide by the principles of the protecting youth workshop.


Coaches may close practices if they choose. If, however, practices are closed, at least one other adult must be in attendance.


Transportation to and from games and practices should be provided by parents or their designee. It is recommended coaches provide transportation only in limited situations. If a coach finds it necessary to transport an athlete, there must be at least one other person present.

IV.) Participants


All students who are in good academic and behavioral standing are eligible to participate in athletic programs at their grade level.

Academic Eligibility- Student athletes’ eligibility will be monitored on a quarterly basis. Those earning an “F” in 2 subjects will be suspended for the ensuing quarter. Parents are strongly encouraged to monitor their child’s progress through the Parent Link on the Web site and regular communication with the teachers. Ineligible team members may not attend practice or participate in games. Ineligible student athletes may try out and make a team. However, he/she may not practice or participate in any way until his/her suspension is complete. Coaches may use a student’s academic performance when considering team selections.

Behavioral Eligibility- A student’s behavior at school and school sponsored activities can affect his/her right to participate on athletic teams. If student is under suspension at school, he/she may not practice or play in a game on the date of suspension. The school administration has the right to withhold a student’s eligibility for disciplinary reasons. In addition, a student who violates team rules may be suspended or removed by the coach with the approval of the school administration.

Cancellation Policy

Because weather patterns can change throughout the day, scheduled games and practices may take place even if school is cancelled. The athletic director will make a determination in the early afternoon based upon the most current weather conditions. If conditions have improved enough to allow for safe travel, games and practices may take place as scheduled. Coaches, parents and student athletes should monitor the school Web site throughout the day for postings on cancellations. No student athlete will be punished for failure to attend a game or practice if the parent feels travel conditions are not safe.


All students are expected to abide by school and team guidelines at all times. Any coach, advisor, player, parent or spectator guilty of flagrant or unsportsmanlike behavior will be penalized under the direction of the AD and school administration.

Attendance Policy

If a student is absent from school he/she may not attend practice or compete in a contest on the date of their absence. Students who arrive at school later than 10 a.m.may not attend practices or contests unless a doctor’s excuse or an excuse has been pre-approved by the AD. Any student who leaves school prior to the end of the day must also have a doctor’s excuse or permission from the AD before attending practice or a game.

Playing Time

All students in grades 5 and 6 are required to play in every game and coaches are required to abide by CYO rules.

At the junior high level playing time will be determined by the coach. Student athletes should not expect equal playing time or the opportunity to play in every game because of the competitive nature of junior high sports. However, coaches should make every effort to work substitute players into the game when good sportsmanship dictates.

Team selection

All eligible students in grades 5 and 6 are permitted to participate on CYO teams. Junior high teams will be administered and chosen by LCC in conjunction with the Catholic Elementary Schools in Lima. Students who are not selected to play on the Lima Catholic Team will be invited to participate on a St. Charlesteam. Cuts will not be made for the supplemental teams hosted by St. Charles.

Junior High teams are separated into a 7 grade team and an 8 grade team. Therefore, 8 grade players may not play on a 7 grade team. Players from the 7 grade may be selected for an 8 grade team only if an insufficient number of players try out. Players from the 7 grade may dress for an 8 grade game, but should only be put in the line-up when all 8 grade students have had an opportunity to play.

Extra-Curricular Activities - Sports


CYO Volleyball Girls 5-6 Aug-Oct Yes St.Charles AD

Jr. Hi Volleyball Girls 7-8 Aug-Oct Yes St.Charles AD

Jr. Hi Football Boys 7-8 Aug-Oct No LCC AD

Jr. High Soccer Boys 6-8 Aug-Oct Yes WYCOSA

Jr. High Cross Ctry Coed 7-8 Aug-Oct No LCC AD

FB Cheerleading Girls 7-8 Aug-Oct No LCC AD

Midget Football Boys 3-6 Aug-Oct Yes St.Charles AD


CYO Basketball Boys 5-6 Nov-Feb Yes St.Charles AD

CYO Basketball Girls 5-6 Nov-Feb Yes St.Charles AD

Youth Basketball Boys 2-4 Jan-Feb Yes St.Charles AD

Youth Basketball Girls 2-4 Jan-Feb Yes St.Charles AD

Jr. High Basketball Boys 7-8 Nov-Mar Yes St.Charles AD

Jr. High Basketball Girls 7-8 Nov-Mar Yes St.Charles AD

Jr. High Wrestling Boys 7-8 Nov-Feb No LCC AD

Kids’ Wrestling Boys 1-6 Dec-Feb Yes LCC AD

Jr. High BB Cheer Girls 7-8 Nov-Mar Yes LCC AD


Jr. High Baseball Boys 7-8 Mar-May No LCC AD

Jr. High Softball Girls 7-8 Mar-May No LCC AD

Jr. High Track Coed 7-8 Mar-May No LCC AD