*Spelling lists will be given on Thursday so the students can begin studying over the weekend!

*Spelling pretests will be given on Monday, and Thursday will be the final post test.

*If a student gets a 100% on the Monday pretest, they will not have to take the Thursday post    test.

*Any missed words on the pretest test will need to be written 3x each as homework.


*2nd quarter- read 25 mins EVERY night!

*AR goal must be met by the morning of: Tuesday December 17.

*Your AR grade is based not only on meeting your goal, but also comprehension scores. Make sure you understand the book so will be able to pass the AR quiz for that book.

*We encourage students to only read one AR book at a time. Which means they need to take the book back and forth from home and school each day.

*For those struggling to meet their goal, if a book doesn't interest you once you start it, choose   another one!

*We celebrate with an AR party at the end of each quarter for those who met their goal!