5th grade Reading/Language Arts

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Week 2 (March 23 - 27)

Reading Assignments: (Not Read 180 Students)    

You may practice your Reading test stories and vocabulary through the week: The First Rock Star" & "Roald Amundsen, Polar Explorer"

Monday (3-23)

Practice new vocabulary:

agriculture: having to do with farms or farming

declined: grow weaker or smaller in number

disorder: sickness or ailment

identify: to be able to tell exactly what something is

probable: likely to happen or be true

thrive: to be successful and strong

unexpected: not planned or predicted

widespread: happening over a large area or affecting many people

Complete:  Your Turn Practice Book p. 241 & 247

Tuesday (3-24)

Review Vocabulary

Read "The Case of the Missing Bees"  p. 424-427

Answer the foolow questons from the story:

1. (p. 415)  What is CCD?

2. (p. 425)  What are four suspects that might be responsible for the bee's unexpected disappearance?

3. (p. 425)  What two probable causes have researchers identified recently in honeybee's disappearing?

4. (p. 427)  The author's point of view is that "Pesticides should be cut back because of CCD."

     List 4 details that support this point of view. 

Wednesday (3-25)

Review Vocabulary

Read "Busy, Beneficial Bees" p. 428-429

Answer the following questions from the story:

1. (p. 428)  What are two reasons that the disappearance of the honey bees is bad news?

2. (p. 428)  What portion of our food are honey bees responsible for?

3. (p. 429)  How long ago, and why, were honey bees brought to the U.S. from Europe?

Use the chart on the top of p. 429 to answer the following questions:

4.  What is the title of the chart?

5.  What does the chart show?

6. Which crop depends on honey bees the most?

7. Which crop depends on honey bees the least?

Thursday (3-26)

Review Vocabulary

Complete: Your Turn Practice Book p. 243-245

Read: "What is the Future of the Rainforest?" p. 243-244

Answer Questions on p. 245

Friday (3-27)

Unit 5 Week 5 Reading and Vocabulary test

Week 2 (March 23 - 27)

Language Arts Assignments(grammar/spelling):

Monday (3-23)

Spelling: Write new spelling in cursive on p. 145

Complete p. 146

Grammar: Read learning box on the top of p. 121  (Comparing with good)  

Complete p. 121

Tuesday (3-24)

Spelling: Write spelling words 3 times each

Complete p. 147-148

Grammar: Read learning box on the top of p. 122  (Comparing with bad)

Complete p. 122

Wednesday (3-25)

Spelling: Your Turn Practice Book p. 248  (Word Study suffix -ion)

Grammar:  Read learning box at the top of p. 123  (Irregular Comparative Forms)

Complete p. 123

Thursday (3-26)

Spelling: Study your Words

Grammar: Read learning box at the top of p. 124  (Proofread)

Complete p. 124

Friday (3-27)

Spelling: Have someone give you a spelling test

Grammar: Complete p, 125  (Comparing good with bad)

Week 1 (March 16 - 20)

Reading Assignments:  (Not Read 180 Students)

Monday: Teacher Planning Day

Tuesday: Introduce yourself to the new Reading Vocabulary (labeled Week 1)
                1. Do Your Turn Practice Book p. 231 (Vocabulary)
                2. Read "When is a Planet Not a Planet" p. 404-419
Wednesday:  Reread "When is a planet Not a Planet" p. 404-419

                           Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper:

           p.407     1. The Sun grew bigger. What was the effect of this?  

                         2. The new Sun had gravity.  What was the effect of this?

           p.409     3. What caused astronomers to have a problem with Pluto?

           p. 411    4. Pluto was hard to see.  What caused this?

                         5. Telescopes improved.  What was the effect of this?

            p.415    6. Astronomers did not announce their discovery of Eris until 2005. 

                            What caused them to wait?                         

                         7. Astronomers around the world argued whether or not Eris was a planet.

                            What  was the cause of this argument?

            p 419    8. What will the effect be if the New Horizons spacecraft reaches Pluto and 


                         9. What will the effect be as scientists receive new data from the spacecraft?


      Thursday:  Read "New Moon" p. 422-423

                    Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper:

                      1.  How does the team solve the problem of the new moon?

                      2.  What is the author's purpose for writing this story?

                      In Your Turn Practice Book, read "Is There Life Out There?" p. 233-234

                      Answer questions on p. 235

                      In Your Turn Practice Book,  do Vocabulary Strategy p. 237 (Greek Roots)

Friday:  Take Reading Test: Labeled Week 1 

                 (The Birth of Movies & Up, Up, and Away!) 
                  Please take the test independently!!

(Keep all work in the Blue folder & DO NOT tear any pages out of your Reading Practice Book.)

Week 1 (March 16 - 20)

Language Arts Assignments(grammar/spelling):

Monday: Teacher Planning Day 

Tuesday: Spelling:  List 24 (Week 1) 

                    1. Write the words in cursive on page 139

                    2. Complete p. 140 & 142

                Grammar: (packet labeled Week 1)

                    1. Do Adjectives that Compare p. 116

                    2. Do More and Most & Using More and Most p. 117-118

Wednesday:  Spelling: List 24

                            1. Write the first 12 words in a complete sentence.

                       Grammar: (packet labeled Week 1)

                             1. Do Proofread p. 119  Rewrite the paragraph with the corrections made.

Thursday:  Spelling: List 24

                         1. Write words 13-25 in a complete sentence. (add to yesterdays paper)

                   Grammar: (packet labeled Week 1)

                         1. Adjectives that Compare p. 120

Friday:   Have someone give you a spelling test!!

                   Sentence for test:  I was fearless in the stillness of the rainy darkness.

(Keep all work in Blue folder.  Please try to  keep the packets stapled together as well.  Thanks!)