5th grade Science

ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM BEGINNING MONDAY, MAR. 30. They will be posted daily...not by the week.

Week 2 (March 23-27)

Science Assignments: (Please complete science assignments on the pages given in the textbook, unless otherwise noted)

Monday (3-23)

Careers in Science p. 173  

Complete "Now You Be the Surveyor" p. 174

Tuesday (3-24)

Lesson 3: What Are Physical and Behavioral Adaptations?

Read- Engage Your Brain p. 177

Add Lesson Vocabulary: adaptation & instinct  (Define the words as you find them in the reading)

Read Adaptations p. 178-179  Answer Questions p. 179

Wednesday (3-25)

Read- Form and Function p. 180-181

Choose an animal or plant and complete the section on p. 181 (You may choose an animal or plant from the book so far, or you may choose your own)

Thursday (3-26)

Read- Eat or Be Eaten  p. 182

p. 183  Catching Flies - Draw a line from the chameleon's tongue to the insect it would most likely eat.

Friday (3-27)

Read- On your Best Behavior p. 184-185

Complete "Do the Math" p. 185

Week 1 (March 16 - 20)

Science Assignments:  (Please complete science assignments on the pages given in the textbook, unless otherwise noted)

Monday:  Teacher Work Day

Tuesday: Unit 4 Ecosystems p. 159-160

                    Lesson 1: What is an Ecosystem? p. 161

              1.   Read the "Engage Your Brain" Question. Look for its answer as you go though the


              2.  Add the following vocabulary terms to the Lesson Vocabulary section on p. 161:

                   environment, ecosystem, population, community, habitat, and niche

                   Please use a separate piece of white lined paper to define the words as you come 

                   across them in your reading. Keep it in your book.

               3. What is an Ecosystem? p. 162-163

                    Read section and Fill out "Sort the Swamp" on p. 163

               4. Populations and Communities p. 164-165

                   Read section and do "Do the Math" on p. 165

Wednesday: Continue to review and add to your Lesson Vocabulary.

                       1.  Find Your Niche p. 166-167

                            Read section and answer questions on p. 167

                       2.  Diversity p. 168-169

                            Read section and answer "Habitat Change" p. 169


Thursday:  Sum It Up/Brain Check/ Apply Concepts p. 170-172 

                        Work through these pages as review.


Friday:  Refer back to Apply Concepts p. 172  Question# 2

                  Please choose any organism you want and draw a picture of it in its habitat.  Be

                  sure to list 3 biotic and 3 abiotic factors within its habitat. (p. 162-162)  Please

                  use a piece of white copy paper and your picture should be colored.