5th grade Social Studies

ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM STARTING MONDAY, MAR. 30. They will be posted daily...not by the week.

Week 2 (March 23-27)

Social Studies Assignments: Please answer all questions (that I have listed) to each Lesson and section on a piece of white, lined paper.

Watch CNN 10 each day.  (you tube)

Monday (3-23)

Lesson 7: American Victories

Define new vocabulary:  desert, Treaty of Alliance

Read Section A: Major Patriot Victory p. 179

Answer the following questions:

1. Without a victory, Washington believed the Revolution would fail.  What bold, new plan did he come up with?

    Did it work?

2. On Jan. 3, 1777, the Patriots defeated the British at Princeton, New Jersey.  Why did this give them hope?

Tuesday (3-24)

Review vocabulary: desert, Treaty of Alliance

Read Section B: The Turning Point p. 180-181

Answer the following questions:

1. What battle became a turning point for the Patriots in the Revolutionary War?

2. When news of the Patriot's victory reached Paris, France, what effect did it have?

3. What was the result of France learning of the victory?

4. Many other Europeans who supported the Patriots also came to join the fight.  Who ended up being close

    friends with Washington?

Wednesday (3-25)

Review vocabulary: desert, Treaty of Alliance

Read Section C: Valley Forge and Beyond p. 182-183

Hunger and Disease - List 3 facts you find very interesting

Fighting Outside the Colonies - List 3 facts you find very interesting

Thursday (3-26)

Look up George Washington. List 5 facts about him and/or his life.

Friday (3-27)

Use Mrs. Daley's website to practice your States and Capitals

Week 1 (March 16 - 20) 

Social Studies Assignments:  Please answer all questions (that I have listed) to each Lesson and section on a piece of white, lined paper.

Monday:  Teacher Planning Day

Tuesday:  Add the following states and capitals to your list and map.

                     Cheyenne, Wyoming

                     Denver, Colorado

                     Boise, Idaho

                     Salt Lake City, Utah

                     Olympia, Washington

                 Read Lesson 5 "The Declaration of Independence" p. 166-169

                 Define Vocabulary: Continental Army and Declaration of Independence

                 Section A: Peace Plans Fail...What does it mean for a country to be independent?

                 Section B: The Declaration of Independence...What changes did the delegates 

                                    want Thomas Jefferson to make?

                  The main idea of this section is that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of

                 Independence.  Please list 6 details that support this main idea.

Wednesday: Define the following Vocabulary:

                         Patriot, mercenary, Loyalist, profiteering,  and inflation

                         Read Lesson 6 "Fighting the War" p. 170-173

                         Section A: Ready For War?...Do you think the colonists had a good reason to 

                                            fight?  Why?

                          Section B: Strengths and Weaknesses...How long did the British think the 

                                             fighting would last?  Why did they think they would win so easily?

                         The Americans fought better than the British expected. What were their reasons

                         to fight?  What training did they have? What weapons did they use?

Thursday:  Review your vocabulary from yesterday.  Please add answers 

                   for today to your paper from yesterday.

                       Continue Reading Lesson 6 "Fighting the War" p. 174-175       

                       Section C: Supporting the War...What is a letter?  What does the letter by 

                                          Abigail Adams add to the lesson?  What were the contributions of 

                                          Robert Morris?  What were the contributions of women during the 


                       Section D: Wartime Shortages...How did Americans cause some of the 

                                         shortages?  How did some farmers and merchants benefit from this?

Friday:  Go to Mrs. Daley's Technology Website and go through the states

              and capitals games.


Keep Studying States and capitals!!!

*Practice States/ Capitals: