Fun Websites:

Eye, hand, and mouse coordination - Mummy Moe's Match

Eye, hand, and mouse coordination - Monster Whack

Thinking Skills:

Color Patterns

Color Pattern Match

Shape Pattern Match

Number Patterns

Same and Different - Odd Ball - Animals

Same and Different - Odd Ball - Shapes

Memory Skills - Monster Match

Bumper Cows - Remember pattern and sequence

Sound Sequence


Keyboard Challenge - Can you find where the letter belong?


Connect the ABC dots

Alphabetize - connect the ABC

Alphabet Book Game - Can you place the books in the correct order?

Alphabet Count Down - Can you find and click all the letters of the Alphabet?

Rapid letter response - How fast can you click on the correct letter

Alphabet Bears - Put the bears in the correct order


Counting Skills:

Math Facts:

Addition facts 1-20 - count the bugs

Addition is Fun - Move the blocks and count

Addition Fact memory game facts 1-20

UFO Additon Facts - fact 1-20

UFO Additon Facts - adding 3 numbers; facts 1-20

Addition Fact Memory Game

Balloon Addition

Line Jumper - Addition using number line

Who wants to be a Mathionaire - Addition

Addition and Subtraction - Number Sentences

Balloon Subtraction

DuckVon Fly - Simple Subtraction

Circle Subtracton

Mathflash Addition and Subtraction - Math Facts

Test the Toad - Addition and Subtraction

Cyber Challenge - Math facts - Addition and Subtraction

Math Facts Pyramid


Fraction Flag - Half and Quarter

Fraction Flag - Thirds

Telling Time:

Stop the Clock - Matching written and graphic

Stop the Clock - Half hour intervals

What time is it? - half hour intervals

Stop the Clock - 15 minute intervals

What time is it? - 15 minute intervals


What is the value of each coin?

Counting Coins - Practice Activity

Money Desk

Counting Money - Drag coins into the Piggy Bank

Practice Counting Coins

How much money do you have?

Compare coin values

Counting Money

Counting Money - Drag coins into cup

Language Arts:


Word Family Sort

Chicken Stacker - Vowel sounds

Long Vowels Sounds

The Problem with Chickens - use blends to make words

Spicy Hot Colors - word families

Night in the Country - word families

How to be a Good Dog - word families

Cheesebreadville - word families

Sight Words

High Frequency words

Flood! - Words that go together

The Good, Better, Best Trampolini Activity

Make words using vowels - Sand Castles

Match of Mystery - Matching vowel sounds

Dragon Eggs - Click on the correct word

Which vowels make real words?

Rhyming Words - Is it a real word?

Rhyme Time Picture Match up

Rover's Beginning Sounds

Bear Wear - Letter sounds

Fuzzy Ears - Letter sounds

Pounce - Identify the correct word

Fly By Contractions

Contractions - Memory Activity

Synonyms Sam's Lab

Synonyms - Memory Activity

Antonyms - Memory Activity

Write about your character

Fishy Count

Spooky Sequence #1 and Spooky Sequence #2 and Spooky Sequence #3

Counting Caterpillar - Can you put the numbers in correct order?