Our Past

Construction of the new St. Charles School began on Palm Sunday of 1954 when then Bishop Rehring removed the first shovelful of dirt. Construction soon commenced and the walls of the building were soon standing.

The following fall, a little over a year since construction began, the doors of St. Charles School opened for the first time. Staffed by four Sisters of Charity and two non-religious, the six classroom school building served the educational and spiritual needs of nearly 280 students.

Over the next several years, as enrollment continued to increase the need to expand the physical space became more palpable. In the spring of 1956 construction of four additional classrooms began.

Throughout the next several decades St. Charles School continued to experience an influx of students. At its zenith the school was responsible for the education and spiritual formation of over 700 students annually.


Continual progress has been made in recent years to improve both the School’s curriculum as well as its facilities. In the winter of 2006, a capital campaign project was started to provide classroom space for our early childhood program. In the fall of 2007, nearly a year since the idea was first presented, the doors to the new St. Charles Catholic School were opened.

With the addition of the new Early Childhood Wing it was now possible to accommodate students from Preschool through 8thgrade all under the same roof.

At each turning point in the history of St. Charles School, faithful, generous parishioners have supported the expansion and the progression of our learning community. As we continue to move through the next millennium, we are proud to carry on the Catholic tradition of spreading the Good News of Jesus initiated by our forbearers more than fifty years ago. Now, as then, we continue to provide our students with an academic curriculum which enables them to enter the future with pride in their Catholic heritage and skills to meet the needs of the times.