Mrs. Mahler’s Third Quarter Web Page

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Welcome to my Website!

Second Quarter ended on December 20. We are now in the Third Quarter of learning! Lots of exciting things will happen in Reading and Language Arts!

Religion: We will be learning more about the Magi and the season of Christmas early this quarter. We will learn about Jesus’ ministry and his life including many of the miracles He performed. We will continue to use our Loyola Press website for daily reflections and our workbook for our weekly focus on scripture and sacraments. Continue to work on Mastery of the Sign of the Cross.

Reading: We are concentrating on using the sounds we have learned to build words. We will continue to work on Reading Comprehension Strategies and Word Decoding Skills during our Guided Reading groups using our beanie babies. We will work on identifying the character, setting and plot in fiction. We will identify key details in non-fiction. Use the Wonders link to review skills and read stories!

Language Arts: We will review ALL letters for handwriting using “Writing Our Catholic Faith Book”. We will be writing our first and last names with the correct size and letter formation. We will work on letters, sounds, and skills in our Daily Skill Book. We will continue to develop decoding word strategies and comprehension strategies in the third quarter.

Journals: We will work on the conventions of writing and sentences this quarter and last quarter. We will work on sentence structure and mechanics: spacing, spelling, punctuation and the process of writing. These are such a treasure to keep as you can really see the progression of skills develop! Along with the best illustrations!

Math: Subtraction! We will review addition as well and then we are off to MASTER OUR BASIC FACTS! We will explore 3D objects as well as review 2D objects- the rhombus and hexagon are tough ones for most! Story problem skills will continue! Problem-solving is a skill that takes lots of opportunities to practice. We will continue to Listen, THINK, PLAN-DRAW OUT and solve these problems.

Exact Path: This is the most perfect and accurate way to help your child learn the skills he/she needs and further develop those skills that are mastered in depth!

Work on Exact Path at least 2 times a week per your homework assignment. Thank you!