Mrs. Mahler’s Fourth Quarter Web Page

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      Welcome to the Fourth Quarter and a WHOLE NEW LEARNING ADVENTURE! I know this is out of the norm for us all but we CAN DO THIS! Because we will be apart, I will be checking my email and ClassDojo (it comes to my phone) often! I will try to keep us connected via ClassDojo with new learning opportunities. Most importantly, take care of YOURSELF and YOUR FAMILY!

Work on Exact Path at least 2 times a week per your homework assignment. Thank you!  Exact Path: This is the most perfect and accurate way to help your child learn the skills he/she needs and further develop those skills that are developed where your child is learning.

Don’t forget our online learning links!


Mrs. Scheid will be sending out information on the Ohioalerts and Facebook to keep us connected these next few weeks. WE have been asked to create learning for your child at home. 


Auction News:  SCCS/LCC Auction will be TOTALLY FREE and COMPLETELY ONLINE!   Stay tuned to our auctions details and BID, Bid, BID!!

Fourth Quarter Learning

Religion: We will be learning more about how to be Jesus for everyone by showing love and sharing the good news with others. Hopefully, we will be able to return, for Holy Week(beginning April 5 with Palm Sunday)-my most favorite week of the year! You will be getting weekly lessons in your packet as well as our Promise for the weekly gospel. I have also included your child’s Religion book for a resource for prayers and songs. Enjoy!

Handwriting: Your child has brought home his/her handwriting book. Please continue to work on this book and review letters that were problematic for your child.

Reading/Language Arts: The most important thing you can do is READ with your child every day! Please get online to read the big books from our Wonders series! They have so many games and resources for your child!

Sight Words: Mastery is expected by the end of the kindergarten year. I have quite a few who can read 20plus words but only 1 who can spell more than 20 words. I realize that some of these words are difficult and my expectation is that they are not so important: the dreaded ‘w’ words! The more they know the better prepared they will be for First Grade!

Math: Our next chapter, has us reviewing basic 2D shapes with some added vocabulary! Hopefully, we will be able to show mastery of the rhombus and hexagon! Those shapes are tough for the kids to remember.

Mrs. Mahler