Mrs. Mahler’s Second Quarter Web Page

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          As of October 21, we will be in the Second Quarter. Your child has been in school for 42 days! We have been learning how to be part of a classroom community: being respectful and responsible. We have learned and will continue to practice SCCS Classroom & School procedures to ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn.

I will highlight some of the upcoming topics but be sure to refer to my weekly newsletter for more detailed information.

Religion: We have learned so much about prayer and the Sign of the Cross. We have learned that Jesus, Mary, and Joseph are the Holy Family. We have learned that Jesus is our Savior, our Friend, and Healer. This quarter we will have our first Holy Day: All Saints Day on November 1, we will celebrate being ‘thankful’ at Thanksgiving and we will experience Advent and Christmas. Be sure to review the Promise magazine each week to experience the Gospel.

Reading/Language Arts: We are learning about what an author does and what an illustrator does for a book. We will learn strategies to help us decode words and to comprehend what we have read. We will continue to identify/produce sounds of our letters as well as learn about ‘word chunks’ or word families. Image result for sight words clipart

Sight Words: Continue to use the sight word list in your binder to read, write and spell the 40 words by the end of Kindergarten. Mastery is also expected of number words and color words.

Guided Reading Groups are going well! It’s my favorite time of the day- I get to work on specific skills in small groups and we READ together. These fast-paced lessons are essential to developing a well-rounded reader. Please use the information I gave you at conferences to better understand the strategies for decoding words and for comprehension. In the third quarter, the children will be bringing home easy readers to share with family.

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Handwriting: We will finish learning the basic strokes for our letters by the end of December. We will then use our Catholic Handwriting books to perfect our manuscript.

Math: Our GO Math series has us learning A LOT. We will continue to review our number words and writing our numbers without reversals. We will learn more about the ten frame as we begin to add or make combinations of the numbers. We may even get to subtraction! We will continue to review all the basic shapes: square, circle, rectangle, triangle, rhombus, hexagon.

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Social Studies: We will focus on the first Americans-Native Americans, the Pilgrims, and the First Thanksgiving. We will learn that celebrate customs and traditions with family and friends.

Science: We will learn about nocturnal animals in these last weeks of October. We will experience the season of Winter and wonder of snow!


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