Kindergarten Educational Websites


Mouse Skills:

Silly Willie's SillyFace

Make a Face

Meet the FrankenFaces

Martin's Art Studio

Make a Pumpkin

Eye, hand and mouse coordination - Mummy Moe's Match

Eye, hand and mouse coordination -Pumpkin Smash

Eye, hand and mouse coordination - Tomato Throw

Eye, hand, and mouse coordination - Monster Whack

Mouse skills - Give the Dog a Bone

Mouse skills on the piano

Rapid color recognition

Mouse skills using US Map

Bumper Cow - Remember pattern and sequence

Sound Sequence

Sound and sight sequence


Upper and Lower case letters

Match Upper and Lower Case Letters

What is the proper way to draw shapes,and write upper and lower case letters

Letter identification a-h and Letter Indentification A-H

Letter indentification i-p and Letter Indentification I-P

Letter indentification q-z and Letter Indentification Q-Z

ABCD Watermelon

Teddy Bear Picnic - Letter Identification

Alphabet Match - Upper and lower case

Alphabetical Order - Can you place the letters in correct order?

ABC Order - What comes next?

Alphabet Book Order Game - Put the letters in order

Alphabet Countdown - Can you find and click on all the letters in 30 seconds?

Rapid letter response how fast can you click on the correct letter

Letterella - listen as Letteralla sings each letter sound in words

Beginning Consonants Sounds

Match Beginning Sounds - Clifford

Fishing with Phonics - Beginning and ending Consonants

Sight Words


Keyboard Challenge - Find where the keys belong


Number recognition

Find the Number - recognition

Count Us In Games - various activities

Monkey Number Order - Numerical Order

Introduction to shapes - Shapeville

Add and Subtract 1-10 - Professor Finkle Flashcard for Beginners


Fish - Count by 2's

Skip Counting by 2's

Skip Counting by 2's to 20

Fishy Count

Counting Bugs

Finding Bugs

Counting Caterpillar - Can you put the numbers in correct order?

Put these numbers in the correct order

Do you know what time it is? - Hour

What time is it? - half hour

Addition is Fun - Move around the blocks and then count

Beginning Addition - Animal Party

Little Animals - Addition and Subtraction

Balloon Pop Subtraction - Pop and count the balloons to find the answer

Kids Tangrams - Can you move the puzzle parts


Bear Wear - Letter sounds

Fuzzy Ears - Letter sounds

Chicken Coop - Beginning Sounds

Color Words

Chicken Stacker - vowel sounds

The Trouble with Chickens - using blends to make words

Spicy Hot Colors - word families

A Night in the Country - word families

How to be a Good Dog - word families

Cheesybreadville - word families

Word Family Sort

Blending Bowl

Loosey Goosey Rhymes

Star Word - High Frequency Words

Synonym Sam's Lab

Vowel Sound Poems

Rhyming Words - Word Families

The Good, Better, Best Trampolini Game

Garfield's Story Book Reader - Listen, Read, and answer questions


Spelling color and shape words

Spellbound - Put the letters back together into words.