I will use the following bible stories to

teach the Lifelong Guidelines.

Active Listening: Jesus teaches us how to be the best listener. Jesus tell stories to the children. As He tells the stories, He asks them to listen with their EYES, EARS and HEARTS.

Be Truthful: Peter denies Christ. In Christ's final hours, his most trusted of all his friend denies knowing him - not one time but THREE times. Peter is frightened when Jesus is arrested. So much so when asked if he was a friend of Jesus, he cannot tell the TRUTH. After he hears the rooster crow three times, he realizes that Jesus knows of his betrayal and is ashamed of his actions. BE TRUTHFUL: so you will never be ashamed.

Be Trustworthy: Jesus' friends are out fishing and are surprised to see their friend Jesus walking toward them - ON THE WATER. The stare in amazement and become somewhat frightened. Jesus calls out to his dear friend, Peter to join him on the water. Peter is frightened. Jesus asks Peter to TRUST HIM. Peter looks into Jesus' face and steps out onto the water. He is walking on water towards Jesus -never taking his eyes off Jesus' face. Suddenly, he becomes frightened and looks down. He begins to sink. Jesus rescues Peter. In life we must learn to trust in God and never turn away from Him. To be TRUSTED is a great and wonderful testimonial of who you are.

No Put Downs: Jesus told this story. A traveler was on his way to Jerusalem and was attacked by robbers. They beat him, stole his belongings and left him for dead along side a road. A priest and a judge all pretended not to see him and quickly walked away. A Samaritan came along the road and saw the hurt man. He realized the beaten man was his country's enemy and was uncertain for a moment. The Samaritan decided to help the man. He gave him food, put bandages on his wounds and took him to an inn -paid inadvance for his care - until he was fully recovered. In this story, Jesus says to care for all. DO NOT PUT DOWN those who different, just because they are different. Everyone is important and should be treated with respect.

Personal Best: Jesus Feeds 5000. A small boy shows his personal best when he gives up his lunch of 5 loaves of bread and two small fishes. As Jesus is teaching on a hillside the hour becomes late and the crowd becomes hungry. The disciples tell Jesus to send the people away. Jesus asks his disciples to give them food to eat. Andrew finds a small boy with his lunch and brings him to Jesus. Jesus takes the food, gives thanks to God and begins to feed the people. Every man, woman and child ate that day because of the generiousity of a small boy and the faith in the Lord.