Middle School Policies

School Mission Statement: St. Charles School, in partnership with our Parish, will provide a faith-filled environment which challenges students to become upstanding citizens, stewards, and scholars through instruction and example.

Respect: Students are expected to be respectful to all persons in the school. Inhibiting any student from learning and any disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Students are expected to be respectful for all school property and the property of other students as well, and any infraction of this policy will not be tolerated. Students are expected to act respectfully and do his/her personal best at all times.

Test and Assignment Policy:

All students are required to keep an assignment calendar. If the students are present when an assignment or test is announced, he/she will be required to turn in the assignment on the due date or take the test unless new material was missed.

All assignments must be completed and on time. An assignment is considered late if it is not in front of the student for the class period for which it is intended. Printer access at school will NOT be available the day an assignment is due.

Missing assignments will result in a 0%. (See individual teacher for late homework policy.)

After being absent, it is the student’s responsibility to inquire about missed assignments and notes. The students are to consult with a teacher or classmates to record all assignments.

Due to occasional changes, a student is advised to keep all papers until the completion of the grading period to submit to the teacher upon request.

Students are expected to work on all assignments individually unless directed otherwise by the teacher. Students who plagiarize, cheat or allow another student to copy their work will receive a zero on the assignment as well as face disciplinary actions. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated!

To encourage independence and responsibility of your child, please refrain from bringing forgotten items in from home during school hours.

Conduct Policy: As stated in the school handbook, student behavior will be tracked using the CARE sheet. This sheet tracks your child’s behavior when CARE expectations are not obeyed. Please refer to your child’s CARE sheet on a daily basis as it will be stapled in your child’s assignment calendar. When a behavior notice is issued, the teacher will record it on the CARE sheet. Other interventions may include, but are not limited to reduced recess time, a break away from the class, conference, phone call to the student’s guardian. A more stringent consequence is issued every 3rd behavior notice, which may result in a lunch, recess or after school detention. Students will start on a clean slate at the beginning of each month with a new CARE sheet.

Class Tardy: The students are expected to arrive at each class on time and prepared to be actively engaged in their learning. This includes having all materials needed (pencils, papers, binders, books, and notebooks). Any tardy infraction will be issued as a behavior notice on your child’s CARE sheet.

Food, Gum, and Candy: Food, gum, and candy may NOT be brought to school. Students must finish food in the cafeteria before leaving. Students caught in violation of this policy will receive a conduct referral for food/gum/candy and will be issued a service detention that will be held after school. Students are permitted to keep with them a non-disposable water bottle throughout the day and may bring a healthy snack that can be eaten during their 3rd period class.

Uniforms: The school-wide policy is stated in the student handbook. Choosing not to follow uniform guidelines will result as a behavior notice that will be recorded on your child’s CARE sheet. A few standard daily reminders are:

- Shirts must be tucked in at all times

- Appropriate belts worn and visible

- Socks must be worn according to handbook guidelines.

- Undershirts/garments must be plain white with no printing

- Sweatshirts & fleeces are not permitted during class times, unless it’s school approved attire.

- No make-up is to be worn; nail polish should not be distracting

- Shoes must be solid in color (according to handbook guidelines)

- Jewelry is limited to a watch and a religious medallion. Exercise bracelets are permitted (NO

bright colors). Simple stud earrings are permitted.

- In respect of self and others, NO writing on body and clothing.

- No watches that have phone/Internet capabilities (any kind of Smartwatch).

In addition to these reminders, each Middle School teacher has her classroom policies and procedures on her Google Classroom page or website. These will remain on the teachers’ Google Classroom pages/website throughout the school year so you may access them at any time as needed.

Please read and respond to this form stating that you have read the policies. If you are unable to access the internet please check the appropriate box and we will send home a hard copy. We appreciate your involvement in your child’s spiritual and educational experiences. It is important to us to keep the lines of communication open to ensure the best for your child. Please list the top two ways (email, home phone, cell phone, etc.) in which we may reach you in case we have questions or concerns about your child. Please feel free to contact any of us via email or school phone at 419-222-2536.