January 20th-24th

Specials schedule:                                                             

1st quarter: Art 

2nd quarter: Music

3rd quarter: Technology*

4th quarter: Gym  Please make sure your child has gym clothes everyday.

Weekly News

-With the weather turning colder, please remember to have your students come to school dressed in appropriate attire. We will continue to go outside for recess until the weather becomes too cold.

-We will have our MAP Language Arts test this Friday. Please remind your children to get a good nights sleep and eat a healthy breakfast.

-We will be watching the Geography Bee Tuesday. Students will be able to participate in the Geography Bee next year, so we want our students to be able to see what happens during the Bee.

What we learning this week


This week, we will be reading about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and creating timelines of events from his life.


This week, we will review what we learned in the first half of the chapter, 6-6, 6-7, and 6-8. All continue to work with fractions and ordering fractions.

Students can now access Prodigy from home. Prodigy is an online game that helps students practice their math skills. Each student has a log in through our class that I have set up.

Homework will be required to be completed every night.

Social Studies:

This week we will continue learning about Chapter 4 and the impact Ohio had had in the revolutionary war and after.


This week, we will be reviewing for our Religion test that will take place this Thursday. We will also be looking at the Nicene creed.and the points of our faith that it states.

Language Arts:

This week, we will not be having a spelling test this week.

Students will be writing about being in a Catholic school and what it means to them to be in a Catholic school.

Science: To find what is happening in science, look to Mr. Webb's page.