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Dec. 9-13

* Our homeroom will be collecting canned goods, box dinners, cereals, crackers, & any other non-perishable food item this week.  This is to benefit the "Give-A-Christmas" program.  Thank You!

Friendly Reminders:

* Please be sure your child's water bottle has a "pop-top" lid

* Bring a healthy snack every day

* Bring Gym Shoes on Mon.

* Return Library books on Wed.

* Sign your child's assignment notebook nightly.

* Check your child's homework folder nightly, as well as their take-home folder.

* Please return homework assignments, notes, or permission slips promptly.

This week in class...

Theme: Advent/Christmas

Religion: We will be learning about Advent and working in our Advent booklets.  We will be sequencing the Nativity story and writing about it.

Math: We will be solving word problems involving 2-digit addition.  We will also be taking some fact timed tests through 18.

Language Arts: We will be writing about the Christmas story in sequential order.

Reading: Our story this week is an expository text called, "Wild Weather."  We will read about how stormy weather affects people and places.  Our focus will be: how does weather affect us?


     Vocabulary Words: 

  • damage -injury or harm that happens to something
  • dangerous - not safe or could harm you
  • destroy - to break something so that it cannot be used anymore
  • event - something that happens
  • harsh - something that is difficult and does not feel good
  • prevent - to stop something from happening
  • warning - something that lets people know that something dangerous may happen
  • weather - what the air is like at a certain place and time

Spelling Words: 

  1. we
  2. bee
  3. need
  4. queen
  5. mean
  6. leaf
  7. thief
  8. chief
  9. pony
  10. keys
  11. grow
  12. toe
  13. after 
  14. every
  15. special

* Be sure to check Mrs. Bowersock's web page for updates on Science, as well as my Social Studies page, as we switch classes for those subjects.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful week!

 Important Dates: 

  • Dec. 9 - $1 Jeans Day
  • Dec. 12 - All-Catholic Schools Liturgy at LCC
  • Dec. 17 - Christmas Program
  • Dec. 20 - 2nd Grade Christmas Party (9:30-10:30)
  • Dec. 20 - End of 2nd Quarter & 1:15 dismissal
  • Dec. 20 - Wear an "ugly Christmas sweater"
  • Dec. 23-Jan. 3 - Christmas Break