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Jan. 21-24

* We will be taking the Math portion of the MAP Test this Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 8:00 A.M.

  Friendly Reminders:

* Please be sure your child's water bottle has a "pop-top" lid
* Bring a healthy snack every day
* Bring Gym Shoes on Mon.
* Return Library books on Wed.
* Sign your child's assignment notebook nightly.
* Check your child's homework folder nightly, as well as their take-home folder.
* Please return homework assignments, notes, or permission slips promptly.

This week in class...
Theme: Penguins 

Religion: We will be learning about the 7 Corporal Works of Mercy.  The children will learn these are charitable actions by which we help our neighbors in their bodily needs. 
Math: The students will be solving subtraction story problems and writing number sentences to solve problems.  We will end the week with a test over Unit 5.

Language Arts: We will be finishing our MLK papers (which will be displayed in the hallway) and working on proofreading.

Reading: Our story this week is an expository text called, "Volcanoes."  We will be reading about how volcanoes change the Earth.  Our focus will be: how does the Earth change?


     Vocabulary Words: 
  • active - something that is lively
  • earth - the ground or land we walk on
  • explode - to burst loudly with a lot of force
  • island - land that has water all around it
  • local - something that is nearby
  • properties - the different ways something looks and acts
  • solid - something that is firm, hard, and keeps its shape
  • steep - something that has a very high slope, like a hill
Spelling Words: 
  • clerk 
  • herd
  • first
  • skirt
  • stir
  • churn
  • hurt
  • burst
  • work
  • worse
  • know
  • wrist
  • found
  • from
  • today

* There will be NO bonus list this week due to the shortened week.

* Be sure to check Mrs. Bowersock's web page for updates on Science, as well as my Social Studies page, as we switch classes for those subjects.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful week!

 Important Dates: 
  • Jan. 20 - no school; MLK Day
  • Jan. 27-31 - CSW; more info to come
  • Feb. 9 - First Communion Parent Session at 9:15 am in the church lower level