Benedict is the patron of school children because the Benedictine monks have run, through the centuries, important and often distinguished monastic schools.

Benedict was born in the year 480. He belonged to a noble family of Rome. He went to a town called Subiaco, set on a mountain forty miles from Rome. There he lived in a cave in the side of a cliff for three years. Sometimes a raven brought him food.

Men began flocking to Benedict. Soon more than one hundered and forty monks were living with him in a monastery at Subiaco. They were busy praying, clearning the land, planting crops, teaching school and feeding the poor. Their motto was, "Pray and work."

Benedict had the power of miracles. Once he raised a dead boy to life. He had a twin sister, named Scholastica, who became a nun and a great saint also. She founded the Benedictine Sisters.

Benedict died near the altar where he received the Blessed Sacrament, while his monks held up his arms in prayer.