Positive Addiction Week May 3 - May 7, 2020.

For those new to Positive Addiction, here's the history...

St. Charles Positive Addiction program is the school's year-long focus on drug and alcohol prevention. We are proud to proclaim this is our 38th year!

This program was originated at St. Charles in 1983, by retired teachers Mrs. Diana Ireland and Mrs. Mary Brinkman. The theme of the program is drawn from psychiatrist William Glasser's theory of Positive Addiction. Dr. Glasser promoted the idea of wholesome addiction as opposed to negative addictions of drugs and alcohol. The St. Charles Positive Addiction Porgram was copyrighted in 1984 and received national attention in May of 1988 at the White House by then Presidential First Lady Nancy Reagan.

The concluding celebration of the Positive Addiction Program is held in the spring of each school year. All the students receive intense education concerning drugs and alcohol. Special workshops are held for the sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. They attend workshops focusing on self-image and relationships with others. Workshops also cover positive addictions or alternatives such as tennis, golf, biking, dance, jujitsu, soccer and conditioning. Each year, committee members schedule workshops pertinent to the needs of the students.

The final day of the week is designated Race Day. It begins with a hot air balloon lift off, followed by an All School Liturgy and a keynote address by a celebrity whose lifestyle show how maintaining a positive lifestyle has enhanced their life.

In 1984, St. Gerard and St. Rose School students joined St. Charles in the activities. Lima Central Catholic high school students joined for the first time in 1995.

Join us for any or all of the activites going on during Positive Addiction Week.