Procedures and Reminders

1. Physical Education is on  MONDAY of each week. Please help your child to remember to WEAR their gym shoes. No one wants to miss out on all the fun!

2. Library is on WEDNESDAY . Be sure to return your books each week.

3. Boys must tuck in their shirts. Girls need to wear shorts under their jumpers at all times.

4. Please write your child's name on their belongings - especially the new school fleece jackets.

5. Encourage your child to demonstrate their personal best in all they do - socially and academically. Practice the lifeskills daily!

6. Transportation: Please send a written note for any changes in transportation. If I do not receive a note, your child will be sent home their normal transportation. Thank you!

7. Practice Independent "self-help" skills: fastening coats, zippers, buttons, and tying shoes.

8. Lunch money - Be sure to include your child's pin number on the checks to ensure your account get credited. Thanks!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. Thank you so much for all you do!

Mrs. Mahler