Mrs. Meredith's First Grade News

Week of May 18-22

Important Information:

***Last drop off day for first grade is scheduled for Thursday, May 21 from 10:00-12:00 and 4:00-6:00. Please pull around to the back of the gym. A teacher will collect learning packets and distribute items from students' desks along with some goodies from me!

***Several small group books were not turned in with the last learning packets. Please check for Any books that may be still at home. 

***Mrs. Collins has asked that I remind you to turn in any library books still at home. There are many still checked out. Thank you!

**Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions you may have about your child's work. 

Math:  Students have an opportunity to choose several pages from their Chapter 12 book.

Phonics: Fun spelling with Mrs. Meredith on Dojo Tuesday, May 19. Students will need a piece of scrap paper and a pencil.

Reading:  Work on your May book goals and be sure to do birthday letters!!

****infohio.org is a great resource for online books. Click on bookflix

****I added a new folder to my website called Vook Video Books - I downloaded a variety of books I thought

the kids would be interested in. Sign in using my information. 

Username: meredithl@sccslima.org

Password: larryjoe6161

See cover sheet of learning packet for suggested learning activities in edition to daily assignments. 

Religion: See learning packet.

Letter to my students:

Bunny Heart Scene

Dear First Grade Friends,

I had so much fun during our Zoom meeting Thursday! It was great to see your faces!! This is our last week of the school year, I know it has been strange and sometimes difficult, but you did it!!!! I hope you will be able to come along with your parent(s) to our last drop-off/pick-up this Thursday. I would love to be able to say goodbye in person. I bagged up all of your belongings from your desk and added a few extra goodies in there as well. Have a great week!


Mrs. Meredith

Daily Schedule

For those of us who need a schedule, Mrs. Daley shared this with us and I thought I'd pass it on!!

Before 9:00 AMWake up!Make your bed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed
Three Minute Daily Retreat for Family
9:00-10:00Outdoor TimeFamily walk or outdoor play
10:00-11:00Academic Time
11:00-12:00Creative TimeCreative play, drawing, Legos, crafts, music, cooking, baking
12:30-1:00Home ChoresClean rooms, put away toys, take out garbage, pet care
1:00-2:30Quiet TimeReading, nap, puzzles, yoga
2:30-4:00Academic TimeElectronics OK! Exact PathEducationall games, online activities, virtual museum tours
4:00-5:00Outdoor timeFamily walk or outdoor play
5:00-6:00Dinner timeFamily dinner, help with clean-up and dishes
6:00-7:00Bath timeBath or shower
7:00-8:00Reading/TV timeRelaxing before bedtime
9:00 PMBedtimePut on PJs, brush teeth, clothes in laundry