Bus Transportation

Transportation is provided by the public school system in which the student resides. Buses arrive at the school from Shawnee, Elida, Wapak and Lima City school districts. In the state of Ohio, public schools are required by law to provide transportation for parochial as well as public school students or provide compensation. Please contact Mrs. Krumel for more information concerning bus transportation.

Car Transportation

Safety is a vital concern for all students. Arriving and returning home procedures ensure students’ safety in an organized and timely manner. Students may arrive between 7:30 and 7:45 on Primrose Ave. and Cable Rd. entrances. Dismissal is at 3:00 on Elm St. and Cable Rd. per assigned rows.


Students who choose to walk to school may enter at Primrose Ave. or Cable Rd. entrances. To ensure their safety, all walkers will leave school after the car and bus riders have left the premises.