Mission Statement

St. Charles Catholic School, in partnership with our parish, will provide a faith-filled environment which challenges students to become upstanding citizens, stewards and scholars through instruction and example.

Belief Statements

We believe…St. Charles Catholic School provides an atmosphere that is permeated by Christian values which recognizes self-discipline, personal responsibility and a call to serve others.

We believe…instruction should be student centered which recognizes the dignity and uniqueness of the person so the gifts of each are recognized, developed and celebrated.

We believe…our faith community – teachers, staff, students, parents and parishioners – share the responsibility for the support and obtainment of the school’s mission.

We believe…service to others is important to the growth and development of each child as a whole person. Service to others should be purposeful and generated by both faculty and students as a means to develop a child's awareness for the social concerns of others.

Core Values

RESPECT - We believe that we are created in God’s image and through our words and actions we show respect to ourselves, our Earth, and to those around us.

INTEGRITY - We understand that doing the right things for the right reason is the foundation upon which character is built for the good of our community.

SERVE - We willingly share our gifts and talents by giving back to the parish, school, and larger community and act for the needs of others

EXCEL - We hold ourselves to an uncompromising standard of excellence in teaching, learning, creativity, and scholarship.