SCCS Virtual Talent Show

It is that special time of year: the annual St. Charles Talent Show!  This year, due to restrictions in place in response to COVID-19, we will be holding a VIRTUAL talent show. Even though it has been an unusual school experience this Spring, we can still celebrate the amazing talents of our students in Grades 3-8. We are calling submissions for singers, instrumentalists, dancers, magicians, comedians, and other unique talents!

If you are a St. Charles Catholic School student in Grades 3-8 and want to submit a video for consideration in our virtual talent show, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Go online to Flipgrid:

  2. Find “Enter a Flip Code” and input our talent show flip code: sctalent2020

  3. Click Log In with Google and use your school email to sign in 

  4. Click on the + button to record your message (you can record until you are happy with how it turns out!) You will have a maximum of 5 minutes for your video recording. You do not have to use the whole 5 minutes for your performance. 

  5. Submit your final video to be considered for participation in our virtual talent show.

  6. The deadline to record and upload your video is Thursday, May 14th.

** Please note: if there is any portion of the video that is deemed unsuitable for posting by the staff or administration, it will not be included in the Virtual Talent Show. We want to showcase our students to the fullest while adhering with our Catholic values.**

To help in preparing for the best possible performance, here is a checklist that judges will consider when they view submissions for the Virtual Talent Show.  

  • Preparedness - Be as prepared as possible for the performance before recording the video. A good candidate has a performance that is memorized and well-rehearsed. 

  • Stage Presence - The student should be confident and comfortable in his/her performance in order to be part of the show, as well as having an appropriate body language and demeanor onstage.

  • Quality - A quality performance is well-rehearsed and engaging for a middle school audience. 

  • Appropriateness - The content and language, including the words of dance songs, must be “G” rated. Costumes are categorized in this criteria, as well. If the costume is deemed inappropriate, then it must be adjusted to fit a more appropriate nature. 

We will share the link for the Virtual Talent Show on Friday, May 15th. If you have questions, contact Miss Recker at for assistance or additional information.

Thank you!