Dress code

As you begin your back to school shopping we wanted to share the latest updates to our school uniform dress code that will be in the 2022-2023 school handbook.

Dress Code

St. Charles requires all students to follow a specific uniform dress code.  Compliance with the uniform dress code is a condition of enrollment at St. Charles School.  The school uniform is utilitarian and basic.  As a Catholic School, St. Charles promotes modesty in dress and appearance.  Uniforms are required for the first day of school.

POLO/SHIRT/SWEATER/PULLOVER:  Students must wear a white oxford or polo style shirt (no logo). Shirts may be long or short sleeved in style.  Shirts must be long enough to be worn tucked in at all times so the pant waistband or belt is visible.  Solid white undershirts may be worn under the uniform shirt but may not show anywhere except at the neckline.  Shirts must be loose fitting and appropriate for school.  

Students may choose to wear a navy blue or red cardigan sweater or V-neck navy blue or red pullover sweaters or sweater vest purchased through Lion Clothing; approved stretch nylon red pullover purchased from Lima Sporting Goods. All must have the St. Charles logo.

PANTS/SHORTS: Students in grades K-8 must wear navy pants or shorts. If pants/shorts are not purchased at Lion Clothing, they MUST be the same color and type. Pants/shorts cannot be cargo or jogger style. Skinny pants or faded/ripped pants are not permitted. Uniform shorts may be worn by all students during the months of August, September, October, April, and May. Clothing length should be no shorter than three inches above the knee.

SKIRTS/ JUMPERS: Lion Clothing carries the only approved plaid for SCCS. Girls in grades K-5 may wear the regulation plaid jumper. Girls in grades 6-8 may wear the regulation plaid skirt. Clothing length should be no shorter than three inches above the knee.

BELTS: Students in grades 4-8 are required to wear plain brown, black, or navy belts with pants or shorts.  Belts should be of the appropriate size and may not have rivets or other decorations. 

SOCKS:  Solid black, white, red, tan, or navy socks must be worn. Socks may have 1 logo smaller than one square inch per sock. Socks must extend above the shoe. Leg warmers are not permitted. Girls may wear opaque tights in white, navy, red, black, or flesh tone. 

LEGGINGS:  Solid navy blue, red, or black leggings may be worn under skirts/jumpers. No capri length leggings.

SHOES: Students may wear plain black, brown, tan, or navy dress shoes or all black, brown, or white athletic shoes. (This includes the logo, shoe laces and stitching. The soles of athletic shoes must be solid in color- black, brown, gray, or white.)  Shoes must be kept tied, buckled, or fastened for safety purposes.  Students are not permitted to wear boots, open toed, or open heeled shoes. Boots may be worn to/from school only. However shoes must be brought to be worn inside the school throughout the day.

JEWELRY:  No body piercing except pierced ears.  One pair of earrings not larger than a dime and without hoops.  Jewelry should be limited to one watch, one ring and simple crosses or holy medals on a narrow silver or gold chain. 

MAKE UP: Make-Up is not permitted.


HAIRSTYLES: All students are expected to have neatly trimmed hairstyles. No extreme fad hair styles or unnatural hair colors will be permitted. The administration will determine if a hairstyle is inappropriate and must be changed, all will be required to comply with that directive.

Haircuts for boys must meet the following guidelines: Hair must be out of the face. Hair must be washed and neatly styled. All hairstyles must be kept above eyebrows.

Hairstyles for girls must meet the following guidelines: Barrettes, bows, and headbands should always compliment the uniform rather than detract from it. Hair must be out of the face. Hair must be washed and neatly groomed. 

GYM WEAR: Students do not have required standard uniforms for Physical Education. The following dress code must be followed:

Grades K-4 are required to wear athletic shoes. Girls not wearing uniform shorts or pants on gym day must wear shorts under their uniform jumper.

Grades 5 – 8 change for P.E. in the locker room. Athletic shorts, capris or pants depending on the weather are to be worn. Athletic refers to elastic waistband or drawstring, no zippers, belts and buttons; material that moves and is not binding. Short length must extend below the fingertips when arms are fully extended at the student's side. Athletic shirts must be free of any inappropriate messages or graphics. Shirts may be short or long sleeved. Tank tops, sleeveless or shirts showing bra straps may not be worn.